Situational Segments

Seeking Comprehension
A week after cyclone “Debbie,” Rockhampton on the Fitzroy River braces for a record level flood. Some insights to sources, volumes and paths of water from the inland might be found in a short story “Education’s An Accumulation” from Short Stories in a collection of materials titled “Lessons in Life…”
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Our sense of humour is beyond laughing at the intolerable. Processes like Art and Political Activism and even Business Enterprises like Internet Security that reinforce and confirm prejudices, tap vulnerabilities and exploit human frailties are poisons that degrade and despoil.  Our sense of humour is beyond laughing at the intolerable.  “Yes, we want the frailties and defects of our oppressors challenged and addressed!” No longer … Continue reading Humanism


Each should assess with an open mind. Simply following the influence of others is blind and tends to deliver misled directions. Think for yourself. Make sure you have all the information in order to be able to make a decision. Has there been adequate information, explanation and communication? One eyed supporters do not help the democratic process. The true wisdom of the people is unfettered. … Continue reading Conscience